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Purveyor of Tibetan clothing, jewelry and textiles for the hard to shop for person you love, to gold gilt copper Buddha statues (rupa), hand painted deity imagesĀ (thangka), prayer beadsĀ (mala), bracelets, handwoven tibetan sheep woolen rugs, Yak wool blankets for meditation and Dharma books and everything a practitioner could need for the home shrine room. Tibetan Trom also carries some locally made products to support our local manufacturers.

Please drop by and take your time browsing through the store or call us today to see if we have that certain something you’re looking for in our shop.

Beads (Mala)

Our Malas are made with high quality natural stones and designed to bring balance and grounding to your practice.

Statues (Rupa)

These authentic Tibetan Handcrafted Buddha statues will bring a sense of serenity and peace into any home or office.

Wool Blankets

Crafted from the finest yak wool, these blankets have been carefully created to ensure a blissful and cozy experience.


Guides to meditation, Buddhism, and spirituality. From basic meditation techniques to more advanced philosophies.

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